The AIM Group of Companies is a partnership-focussed organisation providing a range of services to the insurance, body corporate and property industries. The relationship we create with our clients means we work in partnership with them and with an emphasis on communication, transparency, efficiency and value, they receive optimum outcomes whenever they engage us.

Any service-based company is reliant on its people and at the AIM Group of Companies, we pride ourselves on a team mentality. Each team member has been carefully selected as not only do they reflect the core values of the company but also bring an individual skill to the group. A willingness to 'go the extra mile' to ensure a great outcome for all of our clients is the norm. Our success is based on our holistic approach to every assignment whereby we take a step back to make sure we are looking at the 'bigger picture'. This allows for alternative strategies and solutions to be considered and
often results in a more efficient outcome.